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Explore our holistic solutions. Elevate the well-being of your organization with our OACEUS Wellness Program.

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Employee Solutions

OACEUS Wellness Program

Experience holistic well-being with our OACEUS Wellness Program. Discover a unique and …
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How to Achieve Wellness

Wellness is comprised of many factors. Things like the physical, mental and financial aspects of your employer's life. Where they might be flourishing in some areas of their lives, they might be struggling in others. The 360 Wellness Plan benefits listed focus on how to achieve wellness in all areas of their lives through participation.



✔️ Health risk assessment

✔️ Predictive disease analysis

✔️ Biometric screening

✔️ 24/7 telemedicine: $0/co-pay

✔️ Health tracking

✔️ Discount prescription

✔️ Rx ordering

✔️ Holistic coaching

✔️ Health coaching

✔️ Smoking cessation

✔️ EAP

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